A dating app like no other

Sonar is a one of a kind app that puts you and your mate together faster than any other app on the market.

Ultra Fast

Ms./Mr. Right never looked so good... becasue they were TOO FAR AWAY!

Easy to Use

Easy as click.......

Fast, just Fast

Latest languages, and efficent coding put Sonar above the rest.

Built for Love

Sonar was developed by people with the same thoughts in mind as the users downloading it.

How it Works

Complex algorithms and hardcore coding meet elegant design.


  • Just Open the App
  • GPS Magic Abounds
  • Pings are detected!


  • WHOA! In the Booth Behind you!
  • Hottness 3 o'clock!
  • Another one 2 Blocks over!


  • They ping you back...
  • meet up at the coffee shop...
  • Date #2.... maybe.


Aren't convinced yet?! Check out these screen shots.

Contribution Packages

Sonar is a premiere appication developed by programmers at the top of their game, and designers with highend agencys. In order to make this application better please join us in supporting their back pockets and funding Sonar's future.

First Date

  • $10 - $50
    = 4 coffees to 4 cases of beer
  • Going on a First Date get's you:
    Sonar cause bracelet
    Sonar Sticker
    Personal Thank You Note

Second Base

  • $51 - $250
    = 4 cases of beer to new kicks
  • Making it to 2nd Base get's you:
    Sonar cause bracelet
    Sonar Sticker
    Starbucks gift card
    Personal Thank You Note

How You Doin'

  • $251 - $1000
    = new kicks to software upgrade
  • Answering this question get's you:
    Sonar cause bracelet
    Sonar Sticker
    Starbucks gift card
    2 Movie Tickets
    Restraunt Gift Card
    Personal Thank You Note


How'd it go?

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We love feedback! Tell us your experience with Sonar, or any additions you'd like to see in the next version.

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